They are both long and stumpy but are they the same or are they two different types of dogs?

It wasn’t until the 1930’s that the Kennel Club officially recognised the two breeds as being separate from each other but the two breeds did develop separately from each other with the Cardigan being the older of the two.

Short in height but medium bodiedShort in height but longer bodied
Large slightly rounded earsLarge ears, tips slightly rounded
Thick double layered coatThick double layered coat with more colour variations
Long foxy tail or natural bob. Tails are no longer dockedLonger foxy tail
Straighter legsSlightly bowed legs
Oval feetRound feet, slightly turned out
Out-going, intelligent, loyal & stubbornIntelligent, active, owner-loving

A Pembroke Corgi


A Cardigan Corgi

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