Welcome to the UK Corgi Club 2019 calendar competition! Submit a photo below and the UK Corgi Club community will cast their votes for their favourites. The best 12 photos will go into the calendar, which will go on sale to help support The Mayhew.

This year’s calendar theme is ‘Four Seasons’ (your best shot of your corgi(s) smiling in Spring, splashing around in Summer, looking adorable in Autumn or waddling through mud in Winter!)

The competition will open for entries in August 2018 and will close on 31st August 2018.

The perfect photo is:

  • landscape (wider than taller)
  • outdoor
  • a photo you took (so you own the copyright)
  • more than 2,000px tall
  • featuring at least 1 corgi
  • your best photo (we’re only allowing 1 entry per corgi this year)
    • If you’re lucky enough to have more than 1 corg in your life you can either submit 1 group photo, or photos of individual derpy corgs, but each corgster must only appear once in the competition (sorry).

This year, the UK Corgi Club 2019 Calendar will be proudly supporting The Mayhew

The Mayhew is a cat and dog rehoming shelter who also work with the homeless and less fortunate providing vet care for their dogs at their community vet clinic. They do animal welfare campaigns in the UK and abroad and also have Therapaws, a therapy visiting dog programme sending volunteers to visit the elderly in care homes, hospitals and palliative care centeres. Two of our very own UKCC corgis are therapy dogs with The Mayhew.

Last year, with your help we raised more than £1,200 for Many Tears Animal Rescue Charity, based in Carmarthenshire, Wales. We hope to beat that total this year!

This year’s theme is ‘Four Seasons’ (your best shot of your corgi(s) in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter).

How it works

  • Upload

    Upload ONE photo of your corgi in either Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, by clicking on the corresponding season below.

  • Review

    We'll review it to make sure it meets some basic requirements (in focus, landscape, the right size, at least 1 corgi, etc)

  • Voting

    Voting will be open for people to vote for their favourite photo

  • Calendar

    The calendar will go on sale and we'll get it printed. It's all in aid of a very worthy cause!

Upload your photo below. Please note that only one entry is allowed for the competition, so you’ll need to choose a season (you won’t be able to add one photo for each season.)


Upload a photo to the contest


Upload a photo to the contest


Upload a photo to the contest


Upload a photo to the contest

If you’re having problems uploading images through the website then please email them to lucinda.wood@hotmail.com

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