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The UKCC is proud to announce a new format for the 2018 calendar competition. The winners for this year’s theme of ‘Corgis Gone Wild’ (your best shot of your corgi in the beautiful UK great outdoors) will this year be chosen by an elite judging panel of corgi experts. Each judge will select their favourite pictures and the top 12 will be our 2018 calendar benefiting Many Tears Animal Rescue.

In no particular order, our esteemed Judges are:

Quite a list huh? So now you know who you’ve got to impress!

Psst, want some tips on what some of the Judges are looking for?

Jasper let us know that he is fan of powerful mitts on a corgi, while Amabel (Corgi Addict) can’t resists ‘stumpers on a stump’ and action shots. George is going to be partial for pictures from Scotland, while Alun bleeds dragon blood through and through.

Orso likes to see photos which capture the essence of ‘corgi mischief’. Wally is an avid photographer and is very keen on quality and composition as well as how fun the photo is.

Viv (Loki’s human) is on the lookout for action shots with as many corgis as possible.

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