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Member’s Post: Voodoo the Worgi by Emese Apor 

First of all, I’d like to say hello to everybody.

My name is Emese Apor (Mesi/Aeryn) founder of Mythical Palette where I post my digital paintings. I’m mainly making animal portraits and most of them are corgis. What else could they be, of course?! I moved to the UK from Hungary 4 years ago and I’ve been a member of the UK Corgi club for 2 years, when I got my first pup Voodoo the Worgi (a corgi-westie cross), whose sister Holly is also part of the group.

First I’d like to talk about Voodoo, since he’s the one who put me on this path.

We brought him into to our home from Wales on my 22th birthday. It took a long time to travel there and he wasn’t a fan of the journey. It didn’t take long for him to get used to everything and everybody. He looked like a dwarf wolf, it was love at first sight. Since he was my first dog we tried to train him to the best of our ability. Which wasn’t always the most effective. Like a lot of puppies he liked to chew and tear up everything. Victims included tissues, plugs, cables, cardboard boxes.

Voodoo the Worgi by Emese Apor

Many people mentioned he has a strange name, even our own family. So here is the explanation: my boyfriend and I met on an online game called World of Warcraft, where the players’ avatars can make funny comments and one of my characters was: “Stay away from the voodoo!”. 10 years ago my boyfriend suggested to call our future dog Voodoo, so I could reuse this quote if he was messing with him.

Originally my idea was to call him Arcane, but my boyfriend reminded me of this conversation just before getting Voodoo and I went with it. Worgs are also in this game. They are huge wolves, mounts of the orc race and Voodoo’s current (adult) appearance very much resembles them.

Unfortunately there was a time when Voodoo had to stay with my brothers on their farm in Hungary for a few months. This was because our landlord at the time would not allow dogs in his property (this is something that landlords in the UK can unfortunately do). Voodoo was happy there fortunately because he was the lord of the land, watching over ducks, ostriches, pigs and having a female German shepherd for companion. But for us it was a very difficult time. About year ago fortunately we managed to get him back and have since been together.

These events are the main reason I started painting animals, mostly dogs. Before this I only painted fantasy themed pictures. Once upon a time I shared one of my corgi pictures in the UK Corgi Club Group and many of you commented that you’d be interested in getting one. So on the 1st of January 2017 I started the gallery of Mythical Palette.

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  • Maria purcell

    I love Voodoo what a gorgeous dog. I’ve had 2 Corgis & a Westie both beautiful breeds with great characters. unfortunately they are all at Rainbow Bridge now. Love your pictures in Mythical Pallete too ❤️

    • Emese Apor

      Thank you so much! 🙂

  • Rigmor Wade

    Please keep blogging it was so interesting

    • Emese Apor

      Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! I thinking writing about our long trips from UK to Hungary later. (It takes more than a day by a car) It maybe useful information for others.

  • Carys

    Thanks for introducing us to Voodoo in a bit more detail! He’s such a corgeous Worgi <3

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